RINEX @DE-CIX: One week of mutual learning

In August, the DE-CIX team in Frankfurt hosted team members of RINEX, the Rwanda Internet Exchange. DE-CIX had invited them to come for one week to exchange knowledge: For RINEX to learn from DE-CIX’s experience in setting up and operating Internet exchanges, and for DE-CIX to learn more about the challenges in the African interconnection landscape, especially in Rwanda and East Africa.

“A big challenge for us in Rwanda is to educate people about the benefits of peering. We have a long way to go to grow the exchange and we seize the chance to talk to established exchanges like DE-CIX and learn from their experience,” stated Ghislain Nkeramugaba, CEO of Ricta, the Rwanda Information & Communication Technology Association that operates the Rwanda Internet exchange.

Claudine Sugira, Marketing, PR, and Operations Manager at Ricta, added: “Having the opportunity to stay a whole week at DE-CIX helped us to gain detailed insight in all processes from network engineering topics to customer support, from sales to marketing, in how to best drive forward the development of an Internet exchange.”

The visit was initiated in April 2016. RINEX was organizing a study tour to European Internet exchanges, supported by the African Union Commission. They contacted DE-CIX through the Tanzania Internet exchange (TIX), DE-CIX’s partner in the Euro-IX Mentor-IX Program.

Straight away we invited RINEX for a one-week training visit, as DE-CIX is dedicated to enabling the best possible IX services for networks worldwide; either by operating its own exchanges, assisting others to build up new Internet exchanges (e.g. angonix) or by knowledge transfer.

We, for our part, also learned a lot about the East African interconnection landscape and we would like to thank RINEX for an inspiring week!


This article was first published in the monthly DE-CIX newsletter.

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