Workshop: The Next Generation of Interconnection

The amount of traffic transferred through the Internet has steadily increased over the past years, and standard control-plane mechanisms such as BGP have trouble coping with the dynamics of network interconnection. In response, DE-CIX collaborates with five partners within the EU-funded project ENDEAVOUR to augment network interconnection at IXPs with features such as traffic engineering and security. We believe that recent technological trends to simplify network management, namely Software-Defined Networking (SDN), will play a key role in such a development. The goal of this workshop is to identify challenges from the perspective of IXP customers and to initiate a discussion about their future needs.


09:30 Welcome and Coffee
10:00 Workshop

  • Introduction of ENDEAVOUR and the consortium
  • Discussion about customer's current challenges with regards to traffic engineering, security, transparency, etc.
  • Dedicated SDN discussion: Can, and if how, SDN tackle the given challenges?
  • Closing
12:00 Lunch

After the lunch break the competence group security will host another workshop on "Security Incident Management for Network Operators".

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